Knife Making Classes

Not really sure how to hold a hammer or what a forge looks like or what type of steel you need to make a knife? My Bladesmithing courses are for you. We’ll cover all these basics, and teach you a few useful skills to take home, like how to make a Hunting Knife, kitchen cutlery, and even making your own Damascus steel. What’s better than taking home actual usable souvenirs?!

About Classes

My Shop is located in Williams, Arizona.

Classes hourly rate is $50.00 per hour, $400.00 Per day.

I Supply all the materials you need for the class.

Each program is unique and the duration of the classes is all depending on your skills and the project complexity. I'll teach you how to making fixed/Folding blades, grinding techniques (Flat & Hollow), Handle Finishing, Guards and much more...

Basic Bladesmithing: This class will cover basic carbon steels, forging, grinding, heat treating as well as grip materials and construction. The student should be able to start and finish one knife by the end of this class. 

Advanced Bladesmithing: This is a more advanced class and certain basic requirements must be met before taking this class.

Damascus steel making: This class will cover the various grades and types of steels that are suitable for forge welding into bar-stock and etching. 

Folding Knife: This class,  you'll be making a folding knife from start to finish and you'll leave with a knife.

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