Dog Bone Art Dagger from 1835  Take Down Style

Dog Bone Art Dagger from 1835 Take Down Style

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Dagger blade is 9;50 inch long with a modified flat double grind, over all length 14;25 inches

blade steel is forged from 0-1 and L-6, with shim stock nickel 200 in the restack, damascus pattern is accordion cut ladder pattern with 240 layers, double guard is ladder pattern 180 layers, guard spacers are twist pattern ,filed and border cut, german silver spacers between,handle frame is star twist damascus with german silver spacers that are file worked in vine and thorn pattern,handles are burled exhibition grade desert iron wood,handle rivots are german silver doomed and silver soldered together, extrusian plates are star twist damascus, finale nut is twist damascus, it took 52 hand made parts to put this project together.

Tip and throat sheath leather sheath, tip and throat are german silver parts are formed and silver soldered together , with a side hand stitched leather sheath dyed to match handle,this is a sole authorship project hand forged and crafted by Mike Tyre Custom Knives